Which One to Choose –Free Web Hosting or Paid?

Which One to Choose –Free Web Hosting or Paid?

Are you looking for a web hosting solution?

With so many choices available today, users get overwhelmed on whether to select one of the free web hosting services, or to pay a web hosting provider. While both of these options have their own pros and cons, this is why we suggest you to weigh your decision by looking at some of them.

Speaking of free web hosting, it comes with the biggest benefit and that is being absolutely free! Could you possibly make a choice just for this feature? It will be a horrendous mistake if you do so. This is because; right now you are at initial steps of making your own website. You’re looking at your tight budget and limited resources but what happens when you will find out the bad side of free web hosting providers. Ultimately return or switching to new host will be the only option left for you.

Free Web Hosting, Not So Good?

When it comes to downside of free web hosting, let’s look at the domain name – the name or address by which people will find your site. If you choose free web hosting company, your domain name is more likely to be, for example “www.scribpakistan.com/yourname”. Probably this would not be an issue for some users – those who just needed a Web page for small club, but for some serious entrepreneurs who want to establish their web presence successfully would prefer to use a domain name in “yourname.com” style.

Further, free web hosting tends to limit the hard disk space output for users. Again, not a trouble for small site owners, but for some serious web geeks who are running pages of high graphics content and need more space, it may cause crunch as that limited provided space will not be sufficient.

Moreover, you may come to know that some of the more sophisticated services, like Perl, CGI or PHP, shopping cart, and secure use of credit card transactions won’t be available if you choose free web hosting service.


Decision to opt for right web hosting solution is crucial. Think carefully and measure all factors linked to it. If a free web hosting solution is putting limits on growth of your business, then it is totally unacceptable. Cheap web hosting might be the reasonable choice in case you have constraint budget.


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