The 4 Most Common Domain Extensions Which You Should Use

The 4 Most Common Domain Extensions Which You Should Use

When you are looking for a domain name for your blog, website or your portfolio, there are some things that you should first consider. First, you should opt for a domain that’s simple and one that does not have misspellings, hyphens or numbers. Second, you should look for a domain which reflects your brand, and you can include your slogan, keyword or your name. The third thing is that you should look for a domain extension that will best suit your business needs and requirements. Here are some of the common domain extensions that you can use.


Among the various domain extensions and TLDs which are available .com is one of the most popular and most used. Initially, it was used for businesses which make profit, but it has come to be the main domain extension. When choosing domain extension, it would be best if you chose the .com extension. The .com extension or tld is easy for customers to remember because its familiar.


Just like the .com TLD, the .net extension is also available to anyone. Initially, it was designed for networks or internet service providers, but it has now become an alternative to .com. The .net extension would be ideal for business people who are in the tech industry, or any application based business because it stands for network and technology. If your business operates in these niches, then .net would be a good choice since it will validate and communicate the types of services you are offering. Also as compared to .com .net is more available meaning that the chances of not getting your desired domain extension is nil.


 The .org extension can be used by any person, and it was formerly created for non-profit organisations. It’s an ideal choice for non-profit organisations, political parties, politicians and also for online communities. The .org TLD is also not as popular as the .com TLD which means it’s easy to find your preferred domain extension easily. A lot of web users associate this extension with reliable information, but they do not associate it with commercial businesses.


This is another popular domain extension, but unlike the other extensions which are open to the public, this can only be used by the US citizens. You can be a non-profit organisation or individual enterprise, but for you to use this extension or register your business with it, you first must be a permanent resident of the US.


There are numerous domain extensions which you can use for your business. If you want an extension for commercial use, then its recommended to use either the .com or .net extension.

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